Waiting for 39 weeks

In June the March of Dimes launched its “Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait” campaign that stresses the importance of carrying your baby to full term.  Since the launch, we have received a few comments from some women who were unable to make it to 39 weeks and feel that our message is suggesting that somehow they failed. Not so at all!

The March of Dimes maintains that if a pregnancy is healthy, it’s best to stay pregnant for at least 39 weeks, or until labor begins on its own. The March of Dimes tells women that if you’re healthy and have a choice and you’re planning to schedule your baby’s birth, wait until at least 39 weeks because your baby’s brain, lungs and other organs will continue to develop. The fact of the matter, however, is that you might not have a choice about when to have your baby. If there are problems with your pregnancy or your baby’s health, you may need to have your baby earlier.  We firmly believe that the health of each mom and baby should always be of primary concern.

Today, Parents Magazine is celebrating its 85th year providing helpful information to parents. We salute their good work and thank them for their support in helping us spread the news about the importance of waiting for 39 weeks.  Full term pregnancies help all babies have a healthy start.

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