Summer treats

popsicle4This summer my kids and I have been really into popsicles.  It has been so hot that we seem to be craving something that is a little lighter than ice cream.   And lately the fruit has been really delicious.  Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

Strawberry sunrise
Orange juice
Plain Greek yogurt (non-fat or2%)
Strawberries (fresh or frozen)

That’s it.  Just blend them together and put into molds.  You can vary amounts and ingredients to your liking.  I have been thinking that using peaches would be delicious.  I always just eyeball the amounts, depending on how many I want to make.  And I often enlist my little taste-testers to tell me what they think.  Fortunately for me, they are always brutally honest!  Also a little secret—I have actually served these for breakfast.  The kids think it is great and the popsicles are pretty healthy.

Another yummy one we tried recently was blackberry popsicles:
Blackberries (again fresh or frozen will work)
Raw sugar
Lime juice

Into the blender and then the molds.  These were really good and my kids loved them.  You can decide how much sugar based on how tart the fruit is and how sweet you like them.  Next I am going to try a raspberry-lime variation.  Also, fruit that may be past its prime (maybe a little too mushy to eat) is really good for these treats. 

If you don’t have any fancy popsicle molds around don’t worry.  Ice cube trays or those small paper cups work really well too.

Of course, frozen bananas are always good.  And you can even melt some chocolate chips, dip them, and then freeze if you want to be really decadent.

Looks like this summer is going to continue to be a scorcher, so stay cool!


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    Try freezing grapes in the freezer and eating them frozen. YUMM!!

    I have to admit, I don’t have kids but I do this for myself. I have a snowcone maker at home. A few years ago, I received a newsletter from Kool-aid with a recipe for making carritas (snow cones) and making syrup with Kool-aid. I’m a diabetic and I don’t like all the sugar so I make a sugar-free version of this.

    1 envelope KOOL-AID Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, any flavor
    1 cup sugar
    1/2 cup cold water
    8 cups finely crushed ice
    Note: Or use 3/4 cup KOOL-AID Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink Mix, any flavor; omit sugar.
    For a sugar-free version: use 1 package of Sugar-Free KOOL-AID, any flavor; omit sugar.

    PLACE soft drink mix and sugar in small plastic or glass bowl. Add
    cold water; stir to dissolve. For each serving, pour about 1
    tablespoon soft drink mixture over 1 cup ice.

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    oops…they don’t make Sugar Free Kool aid anymore but you can substitute Crystal Light instead.

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    I tried your blackberry popsicles and they turned out great!
    Hint: try adding some crushed mint leaves in there. It brightens up the whole thing!

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    Amass – Oooo, a little crushed mint is a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion.