Bubble solution

bubblesIn Barbara’s speech therapy post last week, part of our delays & disabilities series, she mentioned how important little things like blowing bubbles can be. They’re actually used in speech therapy and can be loads of fun.

After reading that post and realizing that spring and warmer weather is about to descend upon us, I went in search of my bubble blowing equipment. I found the wands, including the ones we carefully made out of plastic-coated wire coat hangers, but the bubble mixture in the small bottles had dried up. Yikes! How could I have a houseful of kiddies around with no bubbles?  Putting my research skills to work, I found the following recipe. It makes what might appear to be a lot, but if your kids are as “enthusiastic” as mine, you might go through it faster than you think.

Combine in a large bowl:
• ½ cup corn syrup
• 2 cups liquid dishwashing soap
• 5 cups warm water

Blend the ingredients with a wire whisk. (If you’re feeling energetic, carry the bowl outside and whisk up a cloud of bubbles, just for the heck of it!) Pour the bubble solution into small non-breakable bottles or cups with wands.  Then round up the kiddies and enjoy strengthening your facial muscles together.  :o)

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