Safety with s’mores

marshmallowDon’t you love those toasted marshmallows, the melting chocolate between graham crackers? Yum!  If you have a fire pit or chiminea, your kids may beg you to toast marshmallows and create yummy treats. If it’s for the first time this year, be aware that little tots will walk right up to the pretty, sparkling flames and glowing coals – they don’t know better. This can spell trouble! Here are some tips for keeping everyone safe:

  – If you’re using a fire pit always place it on a solid, steady surface and in an open area. Avoid placing it near hanging branches. (Don’t place a fire pit in an enclosed area, because fumes from it can be harmful without proper ventilation.)

  – Clear the area around the fire pit from any combustible materials, including lawn or garden furniture.

  – Know the weather conditions before you start. Do not use a fire pit under windy conditions as sparks can fly around and the fire can get out of control.

  – Always keep a fire extinguisher handy, and make sure it is properly charged. A nearby garden hose can be helpful, too, but make sure the water supply is turned on! 

  – Have an adult start the fire to ensure that it is done safely and properly. Never use any accelerants to light the fire.

  – Keep the fire small.  A raging bonfire can be dangerous.

  – Use safety gloves when handling a hot fire pit.

  – Fire pit screens are available in stores and are worth having. These screens keep the sparks from coming out of the pit. Never leave the fire unattended, even if you have a screen.

  – Kids love toasted marshmallows, but adults should be the ones to toast them. Remember marshmallows get sticky and HOT and can burn! Keep a first aid kit handy, just in case someone gets singed.

  – Always put the coals completely out before you turn in for the night. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Be safe while you have fun and enjoy your treats. And don’t forget to lick your fingers!

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