TVs can clonk tots on the head

flatscreen-tvFlat screens can be pulled over when bumped or cords are tugged. Articles abound these days about toddlers getting bopped on the head. (Here’s a link to one in the journal Pediatrics, from the American Academy of Pediatrics.) One article states that about every 30 minutes a child goes to the ER from injuries sustained from falling televisions. Not good!

Popular flat screens tend to carry their weight to the front of the screen, making it more likely the TV will tip forward. But boxy TV’s are equally attractive to little ones and may weigh more. Toddlers want to climb up and kiss Dora or Elmo good night, or pat the doggie or kitty. With the rise of touch technology (from phones to tablets…) it only follows that little ones expect to touch the TV, too. So your clever, climbing children may venture into unsafe territory.

The good news is that most potential injuries can be prevented. Babyproofing your home should include anchoring all the new techy stuff (and your old retro stuff, too!) so that your kids can’t pull them down. This goes for computers as well as TVs. Any non-laptop flat screen of any size and in any room should be tethered or bracketed to a wall.

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