Locked in the bathroom

bathroomHas your little one ever wanted privacy, pushed the button on the doorknob and locked himself in the bathroom? Panic ensues because he can’t turn the knob to get out… It happens a lot more often than you think, especially, of course, when you’re visiting at someone else’s house.

Don’t panic. Many doorknobs come with small button-release bars that fit through a tiny hole on the outside of the doorknob. Just push it through, hit the release and the door will unlock. So what if you’ve lost the button-release bar, like 9/10ths of us have? Again, don’t panic or start trying to climb through the window.

Keep a few paper clips in your purse or diaper bag. They have a ton of uses and one of them is opening locked bathroom doors. Straighten the paper clip (preferably a heavy duty one), insert it in the hole and push the release bar. And thin shish kebab skewers work pretty well, too, but I wouldn’t carry them around with you!

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