One year anniversary of this series!

one-year-oldIt is hard to believe that a year has gone by since the Delays and Disabilities – How to get help for your child blog series began. Due to the response of readers on News Moms Need as well as Facebook and Share Your Story, this series has evolved into a weekly column where parents of children with special needs can find critical info and tips. Topics have ranged from how to get early intervention or special education services, to discussions of pediatric medical specialties, to how you and your child can survive and thrive in a variety of settings.

If you are new to the series, or just wish to read posts that you may have missed, here is a table of contents that recaps the past year’s blog posts.

Table of Contents

Why this series?

A new blog series is here

How to get Early Intervention and Special Education services

Understanding developmental milestones and delays
How does your state define “developmental delay?”
Getting early intervention services for babies and toddlers
What is an IFSP?
Turning 3 – the leap from early intervention to special ed
Getting services for children ages 3+ (special education)
What is an IEP?
IEPs and LREs- the nitty gritty
IEP or 504 – that is the question
April is IEP month – how to develop a good IEP
Who qualifies for summer programs or extended school year services (ESY)?

Delays, disabilities and the law – what you need to know

Delays, disabilities and the law
Learning the lingo (common terms and phrases)
Words and terms – a whole new world – list of acronyms
Changing a program for a child with special needs
Keeping track of your child’s records
What is “peer-reviewed” research and is it important to your child?
What is Prior Written Notice or “PWN”? How can it help your child?

Surviving and thriving – Your child with special needs, your other children, and you

Flu can be serious for children with special needs
An easy way to find resources for kids with special needs
Preparing for disasters when you have a child with special needs
Caring for the caretaker – put on your oxygen mask
Do siblings of children with disabilities need help?
Caring for the siblings of a child with special needs
Vacationing with your child with special needs
Re-entry: life after vacation
A transition tip (help for kids who have trouble with change)
Summer to September – tips to survive the transition
Bracing for the holidays – survival and enjoyment tips
Shopping for toys for kids with special needs
Sensory friendly malls
Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!
Adjusting to life after the holidays
Can sleep affect your child with special needs…or you?

Pediatric medical specialties

What are pediatric specialties?
Finding pediatric specialists
What is a developmental behavioral pediatrician?
What is a pediatric neurologist?
What is a child psychologist?

Different kinds of therapies

What are related services? (includes different therapies)
What is speech therapy?
What is physical therapy or PT?
What is occupational therapy or OT?
What are recreation services?
What are hippotherapy and therapeutic riding (THR)?

Understanding the diagnosis

Did you hear me? The child with an auditory processing disorder

What’s happening in the rest of the world?

International focus on kids with disabilities

What’s on your mind?

Please feel free to drop us a line ( and tell us what you would like to see in this series. I would like to write about topics that are of concern or interest to you.

Note: This post is part of the weekly series Delays and disabilities – how to get help for your child. It was started in January 2013 and appears every Wednesday. Go to News Moms Need and click on “Help for your child” under Categories on the right side, to view all of the blog posts to date. Just keep scrolling down to see the entire archived list.

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