Sweet dreams

snugglingWhen you were a child on Christmas Eve, how long did it take you to fall asleep? If you had brothers and sisters, did you all talk about Santa and wonder if you would hear the reindeer on the roof? If you hid behind a chair, would Santa know and not come, or would you get to sneak a peek at the big guy?

As we grow older our sense of wonder seems to change. Those special dreams from childhood often turn into adult worries about expenses or finding a job. Many of us get jaded and find the holidays more taxing than tantalizing. I find that sad.

Here’s an idea for tonight. Look at your little ones, or your neighbors’ children, and imagine this night from their eyes. Put on your PJs when your children do and snuggle up with a story. Tell them about Christmas when you were their age. Become young again and let them share their excitement with you. Look for the joy of the moment and be grateful for what the morning will bring. Let your worldly trials and travails go for 24 magical hours.

And if you do not celebrate Christmas, snuggle up with your babies anyway and let them know how beautiful they are and how much you love them. Sweet dreams everyone.

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