Sleep during pregnancy

sleep2Almost all pregnant women have sleep problems at some point. Nausea, difficulty finding a comfortable position, having to get up umpteen times to pee, etc. all contribute to problems in Slumberland. Here are a few positioning tips:
Avoid sleeping flat on your back.
• This position puts the full weight of your uterus on your back and on the major vein that carries blood between your lower body and heart.
• Sleeping on your back can increase your chances of getting backaches. It can also aggravate digestive problems, heartburn and hemorrhoids.
• Try to get used to sleeping on your side, particularly on your left side. This position can improve your circulation and help reduce swelling in your feet.
Use pillows.
• Tuck one pillow between your legs.
• Use more pillows to support your back and abdomen.
• If you suffer from shortness of breath or heartburn, use pillows to lift up your upper body.

For more tips on getting through the night, or nap, read our information on sleeping problems.