E-cigarettes, liquid nicotine and poisoning

E-cigarettes from CDCMany things in this day and age have gone digital – even smoking. The latest trend is the fast-growing use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes. They look like regular cigarettes, but can be used more than once because they use rechargeable batteries. E-cigarettes have nicotine that comes as a liquid and can be refilled. Nicotine is a harmful drug that is found in cigarettes.

There’s been many reports of people, especially children, being poisoned from being in contact with liquid nicotine, either by accidentally drinking it or by spilling it and absorbing it through the skin. Liquid nicotine has powerful toxins and a small amount may be very harmful, even deadly. Liquid nicotine for e-cigarettes is sold in small vials that may be bright and colorful. Sometimes, liquid nicotine may have added flavors, like cherry or bubble gum. All of these things can make it appealing to children and may lead to accidental poisoning.

There isn’t enough research to know if e-cigarettes are safe. If you use e-cigarettes, be sure to keep them and any items used with e-cigarettes, like liquid nicotine, away from children. Store them in a secure place to keep everyone safe.

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2 Responses to “E-cigarettes, liquid nicotine and poisoning”

  1. Ubaldo Alonso Says:

    Lets buy into the mass hysteria in the news about E-cigs plz. As long as one is a proper parent and keep all noxious chemicals in there proper place away from children where is the problem? The few that are irresponsible make the news and make this Alternative to Cigarettes (proven to cause cancer) looks bad.

  2. Ivette Says:

    Thanks for visiting NMN. Sadly, there’ve been over 2,400 calls to poison control centers about e-cigarettes from September 2010 to February 2014. And over half of e-cigarette poisonings involved children up to age 5. There’s more information on e-cigarettes and accidental poisioning at
    http://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2014/p0403-e-cigarette-poison.html .

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