Apps for math and other disabilities

learning to tell timeIt is time to share apps about math. Last week’s post focused on apps that help kids with dyslexia and dysgraphia (reading and writing learning disabilities). By popular demand, here are links to sites that recommend or review apps for kids (and even adults) who struggle with a math learning disability (dyscalculia). These apps may be lifesavers if your child is having a difficult time learning to tell time, count money or figure out math word problems. They will also help with more advanced math skills. In addition, there are apps to help with other disabilities.

Many preemies (as well as full term babies) have lifelong learning difficulties. Often it takes more than one way to learn something. Attacking the problem from different angles may be necessary, especially if your child has learning disabilities (LDs). I think of it this way…if you can’t get into your house by the front door, use the back door, side door, and even the windows. Once you get in, it doesn’t matter how you got there – it only matters that you arrived safely.

Check out the apps on NCLD,  and Smart Kids with LD’s websites. Between all of these apps, you are bound to find something to help your child with a math disability, or any other kind of LD. You can also do an internet search for apps and will see that many more exist.

Please feel free to share apps that have helped you or your child.

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