Working right up to the big day

Two days in a row now I’ve been asked by separate people when I plan to work up until. This struck me as odd. I plan to work right up until I deliver, of course. What other option is there? I’m due the end of February and I’m a first time mom. This little one could very well have a March birthday. I’m not about to take off around the time of my due date, sit at home and wait for something to happen. I’d go crazy. What did you do or plan to do?

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4 Responses to “Working right up to the big day”

  1. Mai Says:

    I feel the same way, why plan on taking leave when that is not necessary? By that I mean unless there are any complications and if you still feel “the same”, going to work is part of the daily routine.
    Especially in the US where maternity leave is not as generous as in European countries, maintaining income can be critical.
    My sister who lives in France is due at the beginning of March, two weeks before me, and her doctor has already recommended that she stays home because she was feeling tired (she has another small baby at home!) — meanwhile she continues to be paid!
    Nice 🙂

  2. Anne Says:

    Exactly…unless there are medical reasons to avoid it I’m going to continue for as long as I can. And I definitely need to save the maternity and vacation days until after the baby is born. I was just curious what other women do.

    Wow, I’m happy for your sister!! That’s incredible. I think the Europeans set a great example when it comes to this and related issues.

    And how fun that you’re both expecting at the same time. Two weeks apart!!! Best wishes!!

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  4. Denny Ahalt Says:

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