Whooping Cough Vaccine for New Moms

vaccineLast month, my girlfriend had a new baby boy named Sebastian. The first and only time I’ve seen him is when he was just one day old. In the last few weeks, both my husband and I have been hit by a winter cold and bronchitis. And we certainly don’t want to be around a new baby if we’re feeling under the weather.

Newborns are most vulnerable to illnesses during their first few weeks of life. That’s because their little bodies have yet to build up their immune system so that they can fight off infections and diseases.

Whooping cough, an illness that is most dangerous to babies and young children, is on the rise. Most babies won’t get their whooping cough vaccine until they are about 2 months old.

A new study in today’s journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology finds that almost half of all babies with whooping cough actually get it from their parents. Moms and dads may not even know they have whooping cough and may simply think they’ve got a bad cough.

If you’re a new mom and want to protect your baby from whooping cough, consider getting yourself the whooping cough vaccine. Your partner should also think about getting one. If you’re expecting, talk to your health provider about other vaccines to get during your pregnancy. By protecting your body from illnesses, you can better protect your baby.

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  1. Cascia @ Healthy Moms Says:

    Great tips! A lot of parents don’t understand the importance of vaccinated their kids. I love your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  2. Ivette Says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback, Cascia! We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying our blog 🙂

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