9 questions to ask your provider before you get pregnant

There are things you can do, before you get pregnant, to help give your baby a better chance of a healthy and full-term birth. See your health care provider before pregnancy and ask about the following topics.

What do I need to know about…

1. Diabetes, high blood pressure, infections or other health problems?
2. Medicines or home remedies?
3. Taking a multivitamin pill with folic acid in it each day?
4. Getting to a healthy weight before pregnancy?
5. Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking illegal drugs?
6. Unsafe chemicals or other things I should stay away from at home or at work?
7. Taking care of myself and lowering my stress?
8. How long to wait between pregnancies?
9. My family history, including premature birth?

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2 Responses to “9 questions to ask your provider before you get pregnant”

  1. health care assistant training Says:

    If your pregnant with diabetes does it go away after birth?

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Gestational diabetes generally develops during the second half of pregnancy and goes away after delivery. But women who have had gestational diabetes should have their blood levels checked 6-12 weeks after delivery to make sure the levels have returned to a normal range. They also should have a blood-sugar check at least every 3 years because gestational diabetes increases the risk of developing diabetes in the future. You can read more about it at this link: http://www.marchofdimes.com/professionals/14332_1197.asp

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