The fat monkees have arrived!

A very dear friend delivered twins on Sunday afternoon. The babies are doing great, but she had an extremely difficult pregnancy. With the help of various medications and twelve weeks of bed rest they were born full term at 38 weeks. They didn’t even require a trip to the NICU. I quickly ran over to the hospital during my lunch hour to see everyone. I’ve been an aunt for almost 18 years, but it was the first time I held newborn twins. I was completely mesmerized by them. Twenty fingers and twenty toes! What a gift.

Becoming pregnant in the first place was a real challenge for my friend. After a long, frustrating year of trying to conceive naturally, her OB/GYN recommended that she speak to an infertility specialist. She and her husband were told that she was a candidate for IVF (in vitro fertilization). They educated themselves about the process, cost, and risks associated. They weighed the benefits and decided to go for it. I learned a lot from their experience and found some useful websites that guided my understanding of what they were going through such as

By the way…she had a boy and a girl! How cool is that? And I should probably explain the title of this post, too. Well, it’s a nickname we lovingly assigned the babies before they were born. Throughout her pregnancy my friend managed to maintain her sense of humor even under the most demanding circumstances. I truly believe that’s what got her through this whole thing. Trying to keep her mind off the threat of delivering too soon,  we would joke around and say that she was going to end up with the chubbiest and most hyper kids. Thus, the name Fat Monkees emerged.

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2 Responses to “The fat monkees have arrived!”

  1. Sandy Says:

    LOL. Love the Fat Monkee story. Twins certainly are on the rise with IVF. At least it appears that way at the mall.

  2. Anne Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    You’re right! In the past two decades, the number of multiple births in the U. S. has increased dramatically. About one-third of the increase in multiple pregnancies is due to the fact that more women over age 30 are having babies. Women in this age group are more likely than younger women to conceive multiples.

    The remainder of the increase is due to the use of fertility-stimulating drugs and assisted reproductive techniques (ART), such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

    I’m glad you enoyed the post and thanks for your comment.


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