Smoking is dangerous for pets. Oh, yeah, it’s bad for people, too.

Yorkshire TerrierPeople who don’t want to stop smoking may change their minds when they learn the habit can harm their pets. This is what Michigan researchers recently learned from a survey they conducted.

Secondhand smoke can lead to cancer in cats and dogs. Birds, too, can have health problems.

And we already know that smoking can harm our children, other family members, our friends and ourselves.

So if people aren’t worried about getting cancer, heart disease or emphysema themselves, they may quit to help their animals or people they love. If Fido can help someone stop, great! Whatever works.

You already know that pregnant women shouldn’t smoke, and parents should avoid smoking around their children. Smoking and Pregnancy from the March of Dimes lists resources that can help you or someone you know quit.

What has helped you or someone you know to stop smoking?

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