To circumcise or not

If you’re pregnant and expecting a boy, you may be wondering whether or not you should circumcise your baby. This can be a tough decision and lots of parents are undecided. Some parents choose to do so for reasons of faith, others for reasons of culture, and some may choose not to circumcise their sons at all.

Recently, the USA Today reported on a study that found circumcision may have important health benefits for adult men. The researchers found that circumcision not only helps protect heterosexual men against HIV, it also lowers their chance of getting other sexually transmitted infections, such as human papillomavirus (HPV) and herpes. There have been other studies that found similar health benefits for men.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is currently reviewing this research and we’ll keep you posted on any new developments. In the meantime, talk with your partner about what you think is best for your son.

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6 Responses to “To circumcise or not”

  1. Mark Lyndon Says:

    I’m tired of people trying to justify cutting parts off other people’s bodies. Babies aren’t going to be getting any STI’s before they’re old enough to decide for themselves whether or not they want part of their genitals cutting off. It’s their body; it should be their decision.

  2. JorgeM Says:

    Judging by the high rate of STDs/HIV in the United States and the vast majority of the adult male population being circumcised, I seriously doubt that circumcision is a preventative of STDs or HIV. Europeans do not circumcise and have lower rates of all of those.

    Perhaps its because they’re not as squeamish about talking to their kids about sex as Americans are. Safe sex prevents STDs and HIV, but you have to teach it. Talk to your kids when they’re old enough. Make sure they have access to condoms. Don’t think that because you circumcise that you have given your kid anything except less penis.

  3. TLH Says:

    I was born preemie and circumcised and it has caused me nothing but problems.I hope circumcision is banned for children and that people will heavily consider what circumcision will take away from your son or daughter.

  4. Provoking Debate Says:

    The evidence is mounting that circumcision not only benefits the male but also his female partner and society as a whole.

  5. latinamomof3 Says:

    We should let the OWNER of the penis decide if he wants to have that part of his penis cut off. All babies (Girls AND Boys) deserve genital integrity.

  6. Ivette Says:

    Thanks to those of you who responded. We appreciate this interesting discussion and have selected a few comments to feature alongside this post.

    This topic, like all of our other “hot news topics,” is meant to give our blog readers a heads-up on national news related to pregnancy, mom and baby health. It’s our goal to give moms and dads information related to pregnancy and baby health so that they can make informed decisions on behalf of their children. The March of Dimes doesn’t have a policy for or against circumcision. With that said, we hope parents will make decisions based on what is best for their family.