Basal body temperature

thermometerCharting your basal body temperature can help you get a good handle on how your body operates, when you ovulate and when the chances are greatest for conceiving.  To do this, use a basal body thermometer that measures very small changes in temperature.  (You can buy one at your local drug store.)  Take your temp at the same time everyday before you get out of bed.  Don’t move around much as that can elevate your temp and give you an inaccurate reading.  You can take it orally, vaginally or rectally – doesn’t matter.  Choose a method and then stick to the same method everyday. Enter your temp reading on a chart everyday.   Your temperature will rise by at least .2 but probably less than 1 degree (compared to the previous 6 days) just as you ovulate. Having sex as close as possible to this temperature rise improves your chances of getting pregnant.

After your cycle ends, take a good look at your chart and see if you notice any patterns.  Look for other signs of ovulation, too.  Pay attention to the mucus in your vagina. It gets thinner, slippery, clearer and more plentiful just before ovulation.  These two things combined should help increase your odds of conceiving when you want.

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