Aphrodisiacs – real or a lot of hooey?

oystersAn aphrodisiac is a substance, either gazed upon, eaten or applied to the body, that is supposed to increase sexual desire.  Woo Hoo!  But do these gems really work?  There are centuries of tradition that swear they do.  Western medicine finds no scientific proof for foods, herbs and illegal substances like rhino horn, and implies that the suggestion of arousal is what actually works, not the substance itself.  The same actually holds true for meds like Viagra.  They work by increasing blood flow, but they won’t actually take off unless initial desire is aroused by thoughts or visual cues.

Dr. Ruth says the best aphrodisiac is respect for your partner and understanding his or her needs.  I agree.  But here are some foods that legend says can really make you randy.  There are several on this list due to their suggestive shape: asparagus, carrots, bananas, avocados, pine nuts, oysters, figs, and raspberries.  (Let your imagination digest those for a while.) Coffee (not too much) and chocolate are a luscious combination (what else is new?).  Wine lowers inhibitions, but too much can lower performance.  The ping in garlic is supposed to heat things up… as long as both of you are eating it.  Other things like licorice, mustard, ginger and rocket (arugula) are said to be great for spicing up an evening.  Have you got any favorites?

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