Parents’ ordeal continues long after NICU

nicu-baby2Most moms and dads anxiously await the arrival of their new baby after a healthy 9 months of pregnancy. But for some, that day may come too early and it can mean baby will spend time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Having a newborn baby in the NICU, especially one that is born prematurely, can be a heart wrenching experience for moms and dads. The effects of this traumatic event on parents can last long after baby has left the NICU and is on the way to a healthy recovery. The New York Times published an article today that shares compelling stories from former NICU parents who continue to deal with this stress as baby grows older.

If you or someone close to you is in a similar situation with a baby in the NICU, you may want to visit our online community, Share Your Story. This community of preemie and former NICU parents offers comfort, gives guidance to and shares their experiences with other moms and dads also going through the NICU experience. Talking with someone who’s been through it all before can help moms and dads to better cope with this difficult ordeal.

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