Take us home!

20615173_thbMy roommate was very uncomfortable. She pressed the call button every hour complaining of pain. Sharing a bathroom postpartum was icky.  The laundry carts squeaked up and down the hallway. Dietary dropped off and picked up trays. Some guy woke me up to ask if I wanted the phone turned on.  The nurses constantly took my vitals and the baby from me every time their shift changed. Sixteen relatives showed up at once during visiting hours.  Exams and discharge instructions from my doctor and the pediatrician created an endless stack of paperwork. We were surrounded by strangers and noise and fluorescent lights.  I wanted my baby out of this chaotic environment. She belonged at home with me and her Dad. I wanted those bulky hospital bracelets off her tiny ankles. Her bassinet was waiting for her. I desperately needed a nice big mug of tea and some privacy.  Taking our baby home from the hospital couldn’t come fast enough.

It was a cold February afternoon. She was all bundled up and snug in her car seat. I sat nervously beside her in the backseat. Pink balloons and flowers surrounded us.  I reminded my husband not to drive too fast. We arrived in our driveway and I sighed. We made it.  Now what do we do? LOL!

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t rest or relax in the hospital. I wanted to care for my baby by myself and in the space that we so lovingly prepared for her at home. Did you feel anxious during your hospital stay?

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6 Responses to “Take us home!”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital with all 5 of my kids…even though I knew at home I would have a new baby and other little ones …I would still have my bed..my stuff and if I wanted to sleep I could with the hubby watching over things and no nurses coming to bother me !

  2. Anne Says:

    I hear ya Jenn! We love nurses and they’re only doing their job, but there’s a lot of disruption in the hospital. And I remember feeling upset about other people handling the baby and hated being seperated from her. I was constantly knocking on the nursery window motioning that I wanted her back. I felt like I was being a pest, but oh well. If I ever have another child I’ll make sure to pick a hospital that allows rooming-in.

  3. Jenn Says:

    I always had great nurses however just getting to sleep only to be waken up for blood pressure checks or whatever and bells and things going all the time is what bothered me .

  4. Anne Says:

    Did you ever have a private room? In addition to rooming-in, I think I would want that next time, too. Listen to me? I sound like such prima donna. Maybe I should give birth a five star hotel next time and then I’ll be happy : ) Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Think about it…comfy king sized bed, a do-not-disturb sign, room service, spa treatments! LOL!

  5. Julie Says:

    I delivered at a great hospital, complete with private room and rooming-in was encouraged. I had them take my baby to the nursery one night, so I could get a complete night rest, but for the rest of the time she was in with me. The nurses actually asked each night, if I would prefer not to be waken up at night…of course I didn’t, so they didn’t come in at all at night. Then in order for visitors to come in, they either had to have had a code given to them from me or my husband or they had to check in with the nurses who then checked in with me.

  6. Anne Says:

    That sounds like a lovely experience Julie! I especially like the visitor-control aspect of your hospital stay. I’ve never heard that before. Thanks for your comment : )