You can’t call-in sick when you’re a mom

38063968_thbIt’s that time of year. I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. Hopefully, it’s just a regular old cold and it passes in a few days. I haven’t been sick since the baby is born.  I guess I’m due. Taking care of a little one is hard enough, but then doing so when you’re not feeling well can be a real drag. Here are some tips on taking care of yourself while taking care of your baby.

• Sleep when the baby sleeps – you need to rest! I know it’s hard when there are things that need to be done around the house, but try it.

• Skip the chores – the laundry isn’t going anywhere. Leave everything until you’re feeling up to it.

• Wash your hands – A LOT! Try to avoid getting others in your house sick. Cough and sneeze into your arm, too.

• Ask for help – ask your partner, family and friends to take turns entertaining the baby and preparing meals. 

• Drink plenty of fluids – keep yourself hydrated. Your body needs  fluids to replenish those being lost due to cold symptoms.

• Breastfeeding – if you’re nursing, continue to do so. The baby will receive antibodies that can protect him from getting sick.

• Keep comfortable – take a shower, put on clean PJs, change your bed linens, crack open a window for some fresh air

• Call your doctor – any time you are concerned about your health or if symptoms linger or get worse. If you’re nursing, ask about the safety of over-the-counter medications.

Feel better soon!

2 Responses to “You can’t call-in sick when you’re a mom”

  1. Adriansabah Says:

    It’s tougher being a mom than a dad. Sure, daddy’s the fun guy who takes you places and lets you climb up the tree. But mommy’s the one you go to when you’re hurt, or teething, or when your tummy’s upset.

    Daddy get to rest after a tough day at work, but the work’s never done for mom. It’s always time for one more feed or one more nappy change.

    I love my wife. More than anyone else, she makes our house a home, and our family a family.

  2. Anne Says:

    What a lovely comment! I’m sure your wife would appreciate it, too : ) Dad’s are cool. Thanks so much for visiting NMN.

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