Sticking to your kids’ routine during trying times

Whether you’re evacuating your home due to an oncoming hurricane or you’re visiting relatives during holiday hubbub, your children will manage the stress that accompanies change much better if you manage to stick to some of your normal routines.  Little things that you do everyday can have a reassuring, soothing effect, so make sure you pack your bags with that in mind.  Don’t forget a favorite blanket or stuffed toy, binkie, truck or tee shirt.
Try to eat meals at about the normal time you always do.  If a meal isn’t possible, make sure you have at least a snack.  When it’s naptime, try to find a quiet place to curl up with your little guy. Do you read a story to your children before bed?  Then make sure you take a couple of favorite books with you when you leave home.  Remember to brush teeth before bed, sing a favorite song, play a favorite game and cuddle when they need it.

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2 Responses to “Sticking to your kids’ routine during trying times”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    With high winds and no electricity, we left for my in-laws after the storm. The key item for our little guy was a stuffed dinosaur that Paw-paw gave him. Good thing I remembered at the last minute!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Mary Ellen, glad to hear you remembered to grab the dino! I’m sure it made a big difference to your son. We’re thinking of all of you, hoping the power returns soon and that you have a safe homecoming.

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