Toys and choking risks: Be careful with balloons

balloonsEverybody has a favorite toy while growing up. For me, It was a life-sized baby doll. She went with me everywhere! We were real buddies.

We all want kids to have fun toys, educational toys, safe toys, toys that they will remember with love.

We also know that kids sometimes choke on parts or pieces of toys. What can a parent do to lessen this risk? The American Academy of Pediatrics just released a new policy statement that can help.

Did you know? Plastic balloons are one of the most hazardous toys for children. When swallowed, uninflated balloons or pieces of broken balloons can seal the child’s airway so he can’t breathe.

Other toy hazards are small objects that are round or cylindrical, like marbles. Watch out for any toy with small parts that are loose or that could come loose. Small, curious fingers love to pick them up and pop them right into the mouth. Also be aware of toys that belong to older children. Sometimes we focus on the baby’s toys and forget about the other toys and objects in the house. It helps to remember that your child’s airway is smaller than yours.

Do  you have any suggestions on how to reduce choking hazards in your house?

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