Not taking all your maternity leave?

pregnant-woman1If you’re working and pregnant, you probably have thought a lot about maternity leave.  It used to be that meant stopping work all together until you went back to the office, if you went back to the office.  Not necessarily so today.  I read a recent survey that says only 56% of women surveyed took their full maternity leave and 33% stayed involved with work while they were out.  Aren’t we busy!

Many of us are returning to work or school after pregnancy.   It may be fulfilling personally, supportive financially, or invigorating intellectually, but it’s a juggling act and isn’t easy for most of us.

Choosing a child care provider that works best for you can be tough and may slow the return to work process.  Read our information for some helpful suggestions.  Talk things over with your partner now and make advanced plans for your maternity leave and return to work.  If you can, look into and select child care options before your baby arrives.  If you can set that up before you deliver, it will make your time at home with your baby more relaxing and enjoyable.  You’ll be amazed at how fast the weeks go by and how soon the office beckons.

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