Chemicals and plastics: What’s a mom to do?

Is it just me? Is anyone else getting more and more confused about bisphenol A (BPA)? This chemical is used to make hard plastics. It’s found in some food containers, including baby bottles.

According to The New York Times, the Food and Drug Administration stated this week that BPA does not pose a health risk. But earlier this month, the National Toxicology Program was concerned about BPA’s possible effect on the brains, behavior and prostate glands of unborn babies, infants and children.

It’s not unusual for scientists to disagree. Sometimes it takes a while to do the research studies and to figure out what they mean. Sometimes the research just isn’t clear. That’s what’s happening with BPA.

What’s a parent to do in the midst of this confusion? The March of Dimes article Plastics and Babies provides more info and tips about what you can do.

Image: ammichaels, Flickr

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