Morning sickness

morning-sickness“I was so sick in my last pregnancy and this time I’m not. If I’m not throwing up, does that mean I’m not pregnant?”  I hear that a lot.  My answer often is, “Nope, you may just be lucky!”

Morning sickness is that nauseous feeling you get when you’re pregnant that can be followed by vomiting.  It happens to well over half of all pregnant women but not to all.  And though it may occur more in the morning for some, for others it can happen at any time of night or day.  Oh joy!

The nausea may be due to the rapidly increasing hormones in your body.  It tends to go away for most women around 12-14 weeks.  Just as some women experience no morning sickness, some unlucky ladies wrestle with this through most of their pregnancy. We don’t know why.

If you are one of the gals who gag, it may be helpful to know that many things can trigger nausea (different foods, strong odors, perfumes).  Pay attention to what turns you green and avoid it if you can.   And certain bland foods like salty crackers can help settle your stomach.  If they work for you, keep them handy at home, work and in the car.  And don’t forget to sip on the water bottle throughout the day. Read more tips here.

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2 Responses to “Morning sickness”

  1. Maria Says:

    I was very sick with my first pregnancy, threw up almost the whole time but with my second child I only got sick once – makes for an easier pregnancy 🙂

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Hey, Maria. I didn’t get sick with either of my pregnancies, but I was dizzy and had to be super careful with my balance in the first trimester. My sister was very sick throughout her first pregnancy and was hospitalized for dehydration twice. With her second pregnancy, I don’t think she even burped! You’re right, it makes for a much easier pregnancy!

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