Let’s keep Dad around

father-and-sonMonday usually is Mom day at NMN, but today, it’s all about Dads.  This is National Men’s Health Week.  These guys do a lot for the kids, the family, the home and deserve a little attention. 

My own father died a number of years ago, but he left me with lots of fond memories.  I’m lucky that my husband is a Mr. Fixit and he can repair just about anything in my house.  Picking up his socks or magazines – not so much.  When life seems like unbridled chaos, he somehow manages to help me find a calm space in the storm.  When the kids were growing up, he made hilarious and quite inventive Halloween costumes for them. He went to parent teacher conferences.  He held their hands when they were sick – he has held my hand, too, when I was very sick.  He is out of town this week and I miss him.  Don’t get me wrong, I love eating cereal for dinner and watching “chick flicks” until the wee hours, but he adds a great deal to my life, our lives, and I sometimes notice it most when he’s not here. I want to help keep him healthy so he’ll be around for many more years to come.

I recently found this great website for men’s health by the CDC.   It lists all kinds of things boys and men need to consider to stay healthy.  Check it out… and have a great Father’s Day this weekend.

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