Is your tot hot? Got a temp?

Better find out.  There are lots of choices in the world of thermometers. Glass thermometers contain mercury and can be dangerous if they slip out of your hand and break on the floor. Fever strips that you place on the baby’s forehead are not very accurate, and those high-tech ear thermometers may be great for older kids but they are not reliable for infants. A digital thermometer has no mercury, beeps when ready and is easy to use and read.

Oral temperature readings should not be taken in children under the age of four. Rectal readings are the most accurate and this method is the one recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Basic guidelines for calling your baby’s doc are if her age and rectal temperature are:
• Under two months old – 100.2 degrees F or higher
• 3 to 6 months old – 101 degrees F or higher
• 6 months or older – 103 degrees F

If you’re not sure whether to call the doc, call.  There are many reasons for fever and every child’s case is different.

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