Does a retroverted (tipped) uterus pose pregnancy risks?

Almost never. About 20 percent of women have a uterus that tips slightly backward. This is considered a normal variant of uterine positioning in most women.  It’s possible that some women may develop a retroverted uterus due to fibroids or scar tissue in the pelvis. Generally, the uterus straightens by early in the second trimester and does not contribute to pregnancy complications.

At about 12 weeks of pregnancy, the top of the uterus normally extends past the pelvic cavity. Rarely, a retroverted uterus may become trapped in the pelvis. This is called uterine incarceration and can cause pain and difficulty passing urine. An ultrasound can diagnose retroverted uterus in women with these symptoms. Simple treatments, including bladder drainage, positioning exercises the woman can do at home, or gentle manipulation by the health care provider, usually can restore the uterus to its normal position. Occasionally, an untreated incarcerated uterus may contribute to second-trimester miscarriage.

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