Hyperemesis gravidarum

Nausea and occasional vomiting, often referred to as morning sickness, are common during pregnancy and aren’t harmful to you or your baby. But if you’re vomiting often and just can’t manage to keep food or even water down, you may have a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum and that can be dangerous.

Hyperemesis occurs in about 1 in 200-300 pregnancies and is more common in young or first-time moms.  With hyperemesis, you and your baby are not getting the nutrients you need, you can easily become dehydrated, your electrolytes might get out of balance. If you’re vomiting a lot, nothing you do improves it, you lose more than two pounds, your urine turns a dark color, or you see blood in your vomit, let your provider know right away and get some help with it.  You may need hospitalization for treatment with IV fluids and antinausea meds to help you feel better and to protect you and your baby.

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