Hot toddies or eggnog?

holiday-drinksI’m getting over bronchitis and am moving more slowly this holiday. I find I’m occasionally sipping hot toddies, mulled cider or spiked eggnog while I listen to holiday music and decorate. Everything is in slower motion this year and it’s really quite nice.

But yesterday, when my neighbor stopped by with her little one in tow, I discovered that my glass of eggnog looked amazingly like a milkshake to her daughter who made a beeline for it.  Oops!  While I don’t usually spike my eggnog, last night I had added a little of “the good stuff” and it would not have made a healthy drink for little Katelyn. I got her a cup of milk and she was happy.  But it made me think to remind you that certain drinks can look like juice or milk and can be mighty tempting to little folks, so keep them out of reach.

And, of course, if you’re pregnant, skip the cocktails and go for the mocktails.  You can read more about bodacious beverages here.

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