Bug spray

Yippie, the weather is gorgeous and we can all go outside again!  While you’re thinking this, so are the mosquitoes and other irritating critters.  So, how much bug spray, if any, should  you use on your little tike?

Most of us have heard that DEET works best at keeping bugs at bay.  However, according to the FDA, we should not use products with permethrin or DEET in them on children less than 2 months old. There are some safe products that don’t have DEET and contain citronella, so look around.  Unfortunately, they are not as effective as products containing DEET and need to be reapplied periodically.  Products with oil of eucalyptus in them should not be used on children under three years old.   With any of these products, do not use it on sunburned skin, cuts, rashes, or other skin conditions, avoid the area around the eyes and forget the hands (they’ll be in the mouth most of the time).    If you use bug spray on your clothes, wash them before wearing them again.

Some sunscreens have DEET mixed in – they’re 2-for-1 products.  They’re great for short-term activity, but for long-term outdoor exposures, you won’t want to reapply them because the repeated application may increase the risk of toxic exposure.  Add a sunscreen by itself later.

There are other things you can do, besides using bug spray, to help keep those nippy bugs away.  Put long-sleeved shirts and long pants on the kids.  There are some great lightweight clothes in the stores these days.  Be sure to keep something on their feet so the mosquitoes don’t bite and the bees don’t sting.  If you’re little one has a baldy bean, don’t forget a hat.  Avoid using scented lotions that can attract unwanted attention.  Shake out the tire swing so there is no standing water in it where mosquitoes can breed.  Keep the kid’s wading pool empty and on it’s side when not in use.

Once everyone is tuckered out and ready for a nap, wash away all applied products with soap and water.  And, depending on where you live, don’t forget to check for ticks!


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