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C-sections, scheduling births and why healthy babies are worth the wait

Friday, April 4th, 2014

We’ve written a lot of posts about labor and, that if your pregnancy is healthy, it’s best to wait for labor to begin on its own. We’re glad that more moms know that having a healthy baby is worth the wait. But sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder – not just for moms-to-be, but for everyone.

Both of my babies were late, especially my son. (He’s a true mama’s boy and I sometimes get the feeling that he would climb back in if he could!) I remember all of the frustration and discomfort I felt as I reached and went past my due date. But as uncomfortable as those last weeks were, it was a small sacrifice to make for my baby’s health.

If there are no medical reasons for either you or your baby to have a c-section or schedule your baby’s birth, then it’s best to wait for labor to begin on its own. And unless you have a medical reason for having a c-section, it’s best to have your baby through vaginal birth.

A c-section is major surgery that takes longer to recover from than a vaginal birth. And you’re more likely to have complications from a c-section than from a vaginal birth. A c-section can cause problems for your baby, too. Babies born by c-section may have more breathing and other medical problems than babies born by vaginal birth.

All this is to say that if your pregnancy is healthy and you’re thinking about scheduling your baby’s birth, consider the risks. And even though those last weeks can be very uncomfortable, your baby’s health is worth the wait.

Is it just me?

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I stayed home from work one day last week with a bad cold. It gave me the chance to catch-up on my favorite day-time shows on The Learning Channel. I watched three consecutive episodes of a Baby Story and then two episodes of another show I had never seen before called Brining Home Baby. Very cute!

After watching 2.5 hours of straight TV I decided I had enough and it was time for a nap. I closed my eyes and then it dawned on me. Every episode had one major thing in common. Every woman featured in all 5 shows gave birth to their babies via c-section. Only one woman out of the five had an emergency c-section because the baby was in distress. Is anyone else concerned about this?