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Preparing your home for your preemie

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Preemie going homeWe often receive questions about “preemie-proofing” from parents who are preparing for their preemie’s homecoming. You may have waited a long time for this day, but bringing your baby home, and leaving his team of doctors and nurses behind can be overwhelming for many parents. Here are some tips to help ease the transition:

Before your baby comes home:

• Speak with the NICU staff at your baby’s hospital. They are very knowledgeable about what your baby may need when going home.

• If you clean your home before your baby’s arrival, (or if you want to brighten up your preemie’s nursery by painting it) do so before he comes home. This way you can avoid any strong smells that may linger.

• Clean your house of dust and germs. Vacuum and dust often, take out the garbage and keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. Also, tell your baby’s health care provider if you have any pets. Pet hair can track in dirt and dust.

• If your baby needs oxygen, carefully observe the cleaning requirements, particularly for the humidifier, and understand the safety recommendations.

Once your baby is home:

• Your baby should not be exposed to smoke, aerosol sprays or paint fumes. These irritants can cause wheezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

• Maintain a smoke-free household. Post signs around your house if you need to so family and friends are aware of your smoke-free home.

• The guidelines for cleaning and storing bottles, nipples, pacifiers, breast pump equipment and milk or formula are the same for preemies as term babies.

• If your baby is on an apnea monitor, be sure you can hear the alarm from every room in your house.

• Wash hands after blowing your nose, diapering your baby or handling raw food. Don’t let adults or children who are sick, have a fever or who may have been exposed to illness, near your baby.

Visit our website here for more great resources for parents after they bring their baby home from the NICU.

What do you remember being helpful when you brought your preemie home? What tips would you recommend to new parents?

It’s war and the dust bunnies are winning

Monday, January 11th, 2010

7404663_thbIf you’re like me and have indoor allergies, it’s important to know that triggers can lurk all over — often in unexpected places, too. I’m sneezing my head off lately and I’m convinced there’s something in the house that I’m overlooking. I’m bound and determined to find to the source. I do the best I can to keep this place clean, especially now that my newly crawling daughter actively hunts for dust bunnies. She can spot a tiny spec of it from across the room then darts for it. She thinks its finger food! If you’re in the same dusty boat, the following tips may help to get your home in tip top shape. Warning – if you’re easily skeeved out by things, proceed with caution.

Houseplants – mold spores can grow in the pots and spread to the floor. To minimize this, remove dead leaves, use saucers, and avoid over-watering. (This is a likely culprit in my house. All of our plants need to be dusted and repotted with fresh loose soil.)

Pet dander – it’s not the fur, but dead skin flakes. It floats, settles on carpets, furniture, and bedding. Clean and vacuum often.

Carpeting – lots of dust accumulates here and it becomes a feeding ground for microscopic dust mites. Body parts and feces from dust mites are common indoor allergy triggers. (I wanted to cry when I read this one…body part and feces! I’m moving.) Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter or get rid of the carpet all together.

Books – dust can harbor mites, mold spores, and tiny critters called booklice. (Booklice! I’ll do all of my reading online from now, thanks.) Vacuum their surfaces regularly or store the books in a closed container.

Stuffed animals – If your child has a dust mite allergy, look for plush toys that are machine washable and wash them in hot water once a week. Dry them thoroughly. If your child has a favorite one that can’t be washed, place it in the dryer once a week instead.

Happy Monday!