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Meeting other moms

Monday, October 19th, 2009

60516849_thbOn most days it’s just me and my 9 month old. My husband works long hours. We moved about a year ago and I’m further away from my friends. Needless to say, I’m feeling a little isolated. And with winter approaching it’s only going to get worse. I don’t want the majority of our outings spent roaming around a shopping mall or grocery store. I need to branch out and get to know other moms. After having a new baby, what are some ways for new moms to network and meet other new moms in their area? Please help!

The day Hannah arrived

Friday, August 21st, 2009

10129968915_0_albMy back was bothering me  again. I sat at the kitchen table trying to  finish  a bowl of cereal, but I was too uncomfortable. I was 36 weeks pregnant and I had a horrible cold. I called in sick to work and shuffled back to bed.  I tried to fall asleep, but the pressure in my lower back wouldn’t give. I flopped from side to side. I paced around my bedroom. I rocked on my hands and knees, but my back continued to throb. I couldn’t sit still for more than a second. I called for my husband who happened to be  home  recuperating  from a substantial orthopedic surgery that he had two weeks earlier. He massaged my back while balancing on his crutches, but it did no good.

“Don’t leave me”, I said. I was nervous and had to keep moving. He hobbled behind  me from room to room. Maybe I pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle? Let’s just call the midwife and  tell her what’s going on. She said it could just be end-of –pregnancy discomfort. Call her back if anything changes.  I wasn’t having any other symptoms. Until…very suddenly I did.

I ran to the bathroom and  threw up. The pressure in my back ramped up and radiated down into my bottom. I was moaning and walking  around on my tippy toes with my back arched. It was intense. Could this be it?  Was this labor? It came on so suddenly that we weren’t sure. I wasn’t having contractions . Everything we read said that labor progresses slowly and can take hours and hours for first time moms.  Could this be some other medical issue? My husband said, “that’s it we’re going to the hospital.” I was crying.

Somehow he managed to get me into the backset of the car although I was unable to sit. I was on my knees holding onto the head rest. We reached the stop sign at the end of our block and I jumped out of the car. I couldn’t tolerate the car. I just couldn’t do it. My husband was yelling at me, “what are you doing? Get back in the car!!” I somehow managed to crawl back in and he drove like a maniac in reverse back to our house. He whipped  into the driveway and called 911. ..To Be Continued.

Check back next Friday for Part 2 of, The day Hannah arrived. Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday Peter!

10 ways Hubby can be a hero to his pregnant wife

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

heroYou might want to ask that wonderful spouse of yours if he would be willing to:

1 – Clean the toilet.  If you are doomed to hurl your meals into the porcelain throne for a couple of months, it helps a lot to have it clean.

2 – Honor your path to the potty (no shoes, clothes, magazines in the way) so you can make it there and back in the dark without tripping.

3 – Perfect the art of foot massage.  Need I say more?

4 – Clean and vacuum all the stuff from your car, making your transit tranquil.

5 – Keep the kitty litter tidy.  This is not only a kind thing to do, but it’s a safety precaution, too.  It keeps you away from exposure to a parasite that can give toxoplasmosis, an infection that might possibly harm a developing baby.

5 – Upload daily pregnancy tips to your cell phone via Twitter.

6 – Fold the laundry and put it away, leaving the bed clear for the ever needed nap.

7 – Take the new car seat to the police department to make sure it is installed properly.

8 – Cook or bring home dinner a couple of times a week.

9 – Compile a play list of relaxing music on your ipod.

10 – Promise you he won’t take it personally when you launch into a hellacious hormonal harangue.

How will the baby affect our relationship?

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

After the baby is born I wonder how long it will be until my husband and I go to a movie or out to dinner. How old will the baby be before I feel comfortable leaving him/her with a relative or babysitter for a night out. At the moment we can accept an invitation to get together with friends any night of the week. RSVP, “yes” to a wedding that’s an hour away or plan a vacation and pack one small suitcase.

It seems people like to ask how I’m sleeping lately. When I say, “just fine” the standard come-back is usually, “well enjoy it while you can.” Oh, zip-it! I know they’re right, but I hate hearing that. How will sleep deprivation affect my relationship with my husband and our ability to be patient or affectionate? I don’t know yet. I hear all the time that couples need to make time for each other. But realistically, especially in the beginning, is that possible?

Before I got pregnant, I thought about the emotional and lifestyle changes we’ll face as parents. We both decided that we were ready for this. Now that my due date is right around the corner it’s really setting in though. Our independence and free time will NEVER be what it once was. Are you having or thinking about having a baby? Do you worry about this stuff, too?

Sex during pregnancy

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Ways to recharge your personal battery!?! Nice post Lindsay and it got me thinking. We have a great article on our website that some of my fellow pregnant readers may wish to review. It’s important for expectant couples to recharge, too : ) Many women find that pregnancy makes them want sex more than they did before they became pregnant. For some women, newfound voluptuousness can play a role in making them feel sexier than ever. Woo hoo!

Money matters

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

What a relief now that tax season is over. Going through receipts and meeting with our accountant gives me butterflies. It seems like every year our finances become more and more complicated. I’m very intimidated by money issues because quite honestly, I know little on the subject. The only money management training I ever received came from my mother who once told me, “don’t spend more then you earn.” Good advice. I should have asked her when she was holding the next seminar though.

Money. It’s such a silly sounding word when you say it over and over. Money, money, money. It’s the root of so much stress in our life. Did that check clear yet? The student loans are due! Was that paid on time? The rent’s going up. How much to fill the tank? Our insurance didn’t cover it. Can we afford to have a baby now? It’s all too much at times.

Worrying about whether there’s enough money to afford the things we want and need is never going to go away. The one thing that I think will save us from being consumed by this stress is each other. Prioritizing, compromising and setting goals together as a couple. Easier said then done, but ideally that’s what I’m striving for. He can’t make the stress go away, but being on the same page feels great. And when it all comes down to it …that’s all that really matters.