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Is your workplace family friendly?

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

familyWorking outside the home and raising a family: That’s a tall order! So much to do, so little time.

But companies can help parents by being “family friendly.” What does that mean? Here are some policies that companies have put in place: 

Flextime. Moms and dads adjust when they start and leave work to accommodate day care, doctor’s appointments, games, recitals, school plays, etc. When my sister went back to work after the birth of her youngest son, flextime was her top priority.

* Paid leave time for new moms and dads.

* Job-sharing and part-time work.

* Telecommuting. Mom and dads work some days from home and stay in touch with the company by computer.

* A special space for breastfeeding moms. This may be just a small, plain room. But it makes it possible for moms to express milk in privacy. No more struggling with the pump in a bathroom stall.

* Backup child care for when the usual plans fall apart. And I don’t have to tell you: they do fall apart now and then.

Every year Working Woman magazine recognizes companies that are “family friendly.” Take a look at the list of the top 100 and what they do to help their employees be good parents. How does your company compare?

The bad economy: How it affects your emotional health

Monday, April 13th, 2009

piggy-bank-smHave you been laid off from your job? Or do you know someone who has? Have you watched your savings dwindle as the stock market tanked? Are you having trouble making your mortgage payments? Are you worried how you and your children will pay college costs?

This recession has hit hard. So many of us feel stressed, and it’s been going on for months and months now.

In economic hard times, people are more likely to:
* Feel depressed
* Feel anxious
* Overeat
* Drink too much
* Abuse drugs

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has produced an online guide to help people deal with emotional and other health problems associated with economic hard times. So take a look. I’m going to.

And if you’re pregnant, read the March of Dimes article or watch our video on managing stress during pregnancy.