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Still no safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy

Thursday, June 21st, 2012


During my pregnancy, I have lots of family and friends who want to share thoughtful advice. I know people mean well, but it’s sometimes confusing when their thoughts conflict with what other family, friends, my health provider and even my gut say. Alcohol seems to be the topic that most of my friends and family differ. Some say the occasional drink is OK; others (including my OB) say absolutely NO to alcohol.

A recent series of Danish studies are adding to the confusion. The researchers looked at several studies that tracked women during their pregnancies and followed their children up to age 5. The Danish studies suggested that the women who took part in light drinking in early pregnancy may not have caused serious problems in these children. However, the researchers warn that much more research needs to be done because there’s still no amount of alcohol that is considered safe.

So while I’m pregnant with my second baby and have the occasional friend tell me it’s OK to have that glass of red with dinner every once in a while, I say to myself, “why take the chance?” The best gift I can give my baby is a healthy start in life. And if that means I have to pass on the sangria this summer, to me, it’s worth it.