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Nap time for Santa

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

nap-timeMost pregnant women wrestle with fatigue, especially during early and late pregnancy.  If you celebrate Christmas, you’re probably running around putting finishing touches on gifts, dropping cards in the mail, planning meals, coordinating holiday parties… It gets exhausting just thinking about it.

If you’re pregnant, all this holiday hubbub can be really tiring. Don’t forget to plan some down time into your day.  And don’t think sitting still while you wrap a gift or two counts – it doesn’t.  Give yourself permission to chillax, take a snooze.  Pull the shades or drape a facial beanbag over your eyes and get horizontal.  Turn off the phone and cool it with the bell ringing for at least half an hour.  Recharge your batteries (oh, don’t forget to buy batteries for the gizmo!) so you’ve got the energy to enjoy the hustle and bustle.

Overtired and resistant napper?

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Did you have extra errands to run during lunch and get home late for naptime?  Sometimes having your toddler overtired can really be counterproductive.  You’d think your little girl is so wiped out that she’d “crash and burn” as soon as she enters her room… but she ramps it up instead.  Ugh!  At times like this when she really needs her sleep, but little Miss Grumpy Pants has taken over her body, it might be a good idea to take a nap with her.  (I find this especially helpful during holiday seasons when there is way too much stimulation everywhere.)  The sleep certainly won’t do you any harm, and not fighting it will allow her to cork off sooner, getting the rest she needs.  Hopefully, she’ll wake up in a better mood.