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Thank you to all nurses!

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Nurse holding babyIf your baby was in the NICU, you most likely spent a great deal of time with her team of nurses. Likewise, if you had a difficult pregnancy, a nurse was probably by your side assisting you the whole way.

Nurses are critical in the care of mothers and babies. Many families who have had a baby born prematurely or with a health condition have told us just how fantastic the nursing staff was at their hospital. Nurses are hardworking, compassionate, highly educated professionals who work around the clock to ensure that you and your baby get the care you need.

In honor of National Nurse’s Week we want to thank all of the nurses that have impacted March of Dimes’ families. In particular, we wish to congratulate the four nurses who won the March of Dimes Graduate Nursing Scholarship Awards.

To recognize and promote excellence in nursing care of mothers and babies, the March of Dimes offers several $5,000 scholarships annually to registered nurses enrolled in graduate programs of maternal-child nursing. The March of Dimes Dr. Margaret C. Freda Graduate Nursing Scholarship Award was established in 2016 to honor long-time March of Dimes National Nurse Advisory Council Chair, volunteer, and friend, Dr. Margaret Comerford Freda. This award is given each year to the highest scoring graduate nursing scholarship applicant. Congratulations to our winners!

Did you have an amazing nurse that took care of you or your baby? How did he or she impact your NICU stay?

Share your story and help us thank all nurses for their unending dedication and incredibly hard work.


Give a shout-out to your nurse champion

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Nurse examines preemie in isolette Caring hands.

Warm smiles.

Tender support.

Wise words.

Exceptional skills.

In NICUs, labor and delivery units, prenatal care clinics, doctor’s offices and everywhere in between, nurses provide expert care. They ease pain, provide comfort and teach us how to have healthy pregnancies and babies.

Let’s face it. Nurses rock!

To kick off National Nurses Week, May 6 – 12, March of Dimes would like to invite you to give a shout-out to the nurse who was a champion for you or your baby.

  • How did your nurse midwife help you in your labor and delivery?
  • Did your baby have a NICU nurse that touched your life?
  • Do you have a nurse you want to honor or a story you’d like to share?

We at March of Dimes are taking this week to say thank you to all the nurses who go the extra mile. Tell us why you appreciate the nurse in your life.


Nurses are central to the March of Dimes mission

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

midwifeThere is no doubt about it – nurses are critical in the care of infants in the hospital. Premature babies are cared for in the NICU by nurses with advanced education. They care for babies with serious, often life threatening medical conditions. Many families have told us how impressed they have been by the expertise, compassion and professionalism of the NICU nursing staff who cared for their baby.

In addition to being the lifeline to parents who have very sick or premature babies, nurses also work hard to help women learn how to have a healthy pregnancy. They assist women as they labor and deliver and teach a new mom how to breastfeed.

The March of Dimes is grateful to our nurses as they are health care providers, educators, researchers, fundraisers, chapter volunteers and advisors. To support them in their work, we offer continuing education modules and nursing scholarships.

As this is National Nurses Week, it is a good time to pause and think about the work that nurses do every day. Even better, it is a great time to thank them.

The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. We recognize that our nurses are a big part of helping us achieve our goals. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Thank goodness for nurses

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

nursesOur guest post today is from Mary Lavan, Associate Director of Nursing Education and Health Promotion at the March of Dimes.

It’s National Nurses Week and March of Dimes would like to thank all of the nurses who work so hard to improve the care of moms and babies.

It’s a special week to reflect on the critical work nurses do every day to help advance the mission of the March of Dimes. Nurses are the ones, afterall, who hold moms and babies in their hands. They are health care providers, educators, researchers, advisors and friends. Nurses educate women before they are pregnant about the importance of preconception care and taking folic acid. They provide safe care during labor and care for babies born too early.

Sometimes it’s an emergency room nurse who holds a pregnant woman’s hand during a preterm labor scare, or a pediatric nurse who screens a new mother for postpartum depression. Whatever the situation, nurses play an integral role in helping us get closer to achieving our mission: a day when every baby has a healthy start in life. For that, March of Dimes is forever grateful.

As a way of saying thank you for all that nurses do, March of Dimes developed an extensive continuing nursing education program to help nurses integrate the latest clinical and scientific advances into the care of their patients. March of Dimes is also proud to award several scholarships annually to nurses enrolled in graduate maternal-child health nursing programs.

For information about March of Dimes nursing program, visit or contact Mary Lavan at

It’s National Nurses Week

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

nursesEvery year, National Nurses Week focuses attention on the diverse ways America’s 3.1 million registered nurses work to save lives and to improve the health of millions of individuals. Think of all the many ways nurses have helped you and your family.

Traditionally, National Nurses Week is devoted to highlighting the many ways in which registered nurses, who comprise the largest health care profession, are working to improve health care. From bedside nursing in hospitals and long-term care facilities to the halls of research institutions, state legislatures, and Congress, the depth and breadth of the nursing profession is meeting the expanding health care needs of American society. 

March of Dimes recognizes that nurses play a critical role in achieving our mission. Thank you for all you do to help women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.