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Seat belts for pregnant laps

Friday, September 10th, 2010

carridesLast week I posted on the importance of booster seats for “big kids.”   Prior to that I posted on car seats for babies being used only in cars. So by now I’m sure you get that we’re really into protecting our kids in traffic, regardless of size or age.

So how about protecting them, not to mention you, before they are born?  Experts agree that everyone, including pregnant women, should wear a seat belt when riding in a car. As you know, when used properly, seat belts save lives and lower the chances of severe injury during car crashes.

Depending on how severe the car accident is, pregnant women could be at risk for miscarriage and preterm birth and other serious complications. In fact, the more injuries a mother sustains during a car accident, the greater the risk to her unborn baby. If the pregnant woman is wearing her seat belt properly at the time of the accident, she and her baby will face fewer injuries.

I don’t want to spook you, but there are nearly 170,000 car crashes involving pregnant women every year. So it’s important for moms in all stages of pregnancy to properly wear seat belts at all times when traveling in a car.

Guidelines for Wearing a Seat Belt
• Always wear both the lap and shoulder belt.
• Buckle the lap strap under your belly and over your hips.
• Never place the lap belt across your belly.
• Rest the shoulder belt between your breasts and off to the side of your belly.
• Never place the shoulder belt under your arm.
• If possible, adjust the shoulder belt height to fit you correctly.
• Make sure the seat belt fits snugly.

Lousy weather got you down?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

rainWhere I live, it’s raining… again.  And it’s not a light spring rain encouraging all the pretty little flowers to grow… it’s pounding down with a vengeance. There now is a swimming pool in my yard, but not a deliberate one for frolicking in during summer barbecues.

This same deluge happened two weeks ago but with mighty winds that brought trees down, utility poles snapped, we were without power for five days.  All of this was fast on the heels of record dumping snow.  It’s enough to drive anyone bonkers and, I must say, plenty of us are getting depressed.

The weather man on the radio assures us that sunshine is in the offing, in fact it is supposed to be in the 70s by the weekend.  I wonder if he’s just humoring us to help get us through these spongy days.  On the way to work I was thinking about how depressing all of this is, and if the rest of one’s daily life isn’t a bed of roses (hoping for children, raising a brood, dealing with tough finances, losing a job…) life might seem really really tough right now.

If it’s just over the top for you these days, you might want to speak with your health care provider about getting a little help, especially if you’re trying to become or are pregnant.  As many as 1 out of 5 women have symptoms of depression during pregnancy. For some women, those symptoms are severe. In pregnancy, women who have been depressed before are at higher risk of depression than other women.  Learn more about coping with depression by reading our fact sheet.   I hope the sun comes out soon!

Can I prevent or get rid of stretch marks?

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

big-bellyShort of surgery, not really, no.  If your skin is not as elastic as some other women’s skin (you can thank your genes for that), this evidence of expansion and contraction will remain to some degree.  Many products imply that they can make these not so lovely lines vanish completely, but they really can’t. These marks are caused by tiny tears in the tissue that lies just below your skin and helps the skin stretch. There are products that will smooth your skin, moisturize and make the marks itch less, cover them and make them less noticeable, etc. but they won’t get rid of them all together.  Time is what will help the most, so save your money on expensive products.  They will fade from red or purple to silver, white or light brown (depending on your skin color) and may shrink a bit in size.

The best thing you can do during pregnancy to try to avoid stretch marks, or keep them at a minimum, is to eat a healthy diet, take your prenatal vitamins, try to gain weight gradually and not in big spurts, moisturize your skin and drink lots of water.

Warning signs to stop exercise and call your doc

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

pregnant-exerciseSpring is here, it’s getting warmer so I’m wearing less.  After a winter of couch potatohood, I’m not really liking what I see in the mirror.  So I’m getting back into exercise in hopes of retrieving the real me, or a reasonable facsimile.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that healthy pregnant women get at least 2 1/2 hours of aerobic exercise every week. This means that most pregnant women should try to get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on most, if not all, days. Examples of aerobic exercise are walking, swimming and dancing. Be sure to read up on exercise during pregnancy and double check with your health care provider before starting a routine.

Go for it and stay fit.  But, if you experience any of the following symptoms stop exercising and call you doctor right away.
• Bleeding from your vagina
• Difficult or labored breathing before you exercise
• Dizziness
• Headache
• Chest pains
• Muscle weakness
• Calf pain or swelling
• Preterm labor
• Decreased movement of the fetus
• Leakage of fluid from your vagina