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Rainy day defenses

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

cardboard-boxIt’s raining here and the temperature is dropping. It’s not a good day to go for a walk, so many of you may be wondering how to keep the little ones occupied and exercised. I’ve got a few ideas that don’t involve the TV:

Find a giant box and turn it into a space ship, a race car, a choo-choo train… then take off for fantasyland with your little one in tow.

Play a counting/color game. Tell your little one to find three things in your room that are red and put them in a box. Find three things that are blue and put them in the box, then green. Take one red, one blue and one green thing out of the box and put them on the table. Take one of each and put them under the table. Take the other three and put them on a chair. Now take the first three on the table and put them back where you originally found them. Then return the next three, then the last three.

Create lovely gift wrap. Open up paper shopping bags and draw on them with colorful pencils or crayons. You can use these works of art to make holiday cards or wrapping paper.

Read a story to your child then have your child “read” to a doll or read it back to you.

Build a fort with blankets over some of your furniture. If you’re feeling brave, have a picnic lunch in your new fort.

Play music and dance. Try different types of music so you can dance slowly and then dance fast, glide around gracefully and then shake your booty! Kids love this. And they love the Hokey Pokey. The object is to move and giggle and have fun.

Have you got any other rainy day ideas?