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Chef Rock’s kid-friendly cooking

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Chef.RockAs unhealthy convenience food continues to win over parents, and childhood obesity rates inch higher, Chef Rock answers the call for change.  44 Things Parents Should Know About Cooking for Kids includes simple tips like cooking healthy breakfasts to fun things that promote interactive eating.  Whether the issue is picky eaters, lack of time or budget constraints, Chef Rock has a solution.

Through his humorous tone and numerous pop culture references, Chef Rock covers a lot of ground without overwhelming readers beyond action.  44 Things is just what parents need to start teaching children how to eat right today and embrace real food for a lifetime.

Chef Rahman “Rock” Harper is the season 3 winner of FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen and the National Celebrity Chef for the March of Dimes.  An award-winning, honors graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Chef Rock has held several positions in notable restaurants around the country.  Most recently he joined the culinary staff at Stratford University and has been featured on NBC’s TODAY show and Martha Stewart Radio.  For more information about Chef Rock or his new book, go to

What’s for dinner?

Monday, November 9th, 2009

722716_thbI’m at the point now where I ask myself that question almost on a daily basis. I think it’s safe to say that this has become a really bad habit. I’ve run out of ideas and I’m bored with what I make. Pasta. Chicken. Fish. Repeat. I like to shop for fresh veggies and meats, but end up throwing a lot of it away because with only two people we just don’t get to all of it. I hate wasting food. In a perfect world I would have the energy to plan our meals each week — a variety of healthy dishes that taste delicious and are effortless to prepare. I would make batches of things and freeze them. But sadly, I don’t do these things. On nights when my husband works late I usually just pour myself a bowl of cereal and call it a day. Now that I’m introducing solids into my daughter’s diet I need to work on my culinary skills and get organized. I want her to develop healthy eating habits right from the start and I know that I’m the one responsible for establishing that. I wish cooking didn’t feel like such a chore though. Maybe I should take a class. What are you having for dinner?

Cocktails anyone?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. Between both of our families, friends, and our jobs we’re going to be plenty busy visiting and attending holiday parties. My husband is thrilled to have a designated driver all season long. I don’t mind, but while everyone’s clinking wine glasses I might feel a little left out. There’s just something un-festive about toasting with a glass of water. That’s why I decided to research some fun, contemporary, alcohol-free cocktails online. 

I came across these fabulous ideas for getting started. 1. Choose the right stem wear. Select a fine wine or martini glass or champagne flute.  2. Use garnish such as a slice of lime, mint leaves, lemon rind, or a maraschino cherry. 3. Add some sparkle! Use a wine charm on your glass. 4. Be creative. Combine club soda with tropical or exotic fruit juices. 

Here’s my plan. I have tall, skinny pilsner glasses at home. I plan to make cranberry juice ice-cubes and fill an entire glass. Then I’m going to add club soda and a slice of lime. If you have any recipes or style ideas please feel free to share. Have a wonderful holiday season. Cheers!