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I’m NOT sexually dysfunctional. I’m just really tired.

Monday, April 5th, 2010

63323191_thbI don’t need medical treatment. I’m not depressed. There’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t need to be “fixed”. It’s just a stage we’re going through as a new family. What I do need is some time, some rest and a little understanding. I haven’t slept through the night in 424 days. I’m still nursing at night. I brush my teeth with a baby on my hip. I am preoccupied and my priorities have shifted. And, I don’t see this as a bad thing either. This is the most important role I’ve ever played. I still love my husband, but I’m distracted. It’s hard to relax and focus on him knowing that the baby might wake up any minute. It won’t always be this way. We’ll get it back.

Why do I bring this up? Read for yourself by clicking here and let me know what you think. I came across this article and I’m feeling a little defensive about the topic. I can only speak for myself, but medication? Come on. It’s only natural to abstain from sex after a baby is born. We need medicine for this? A co-worker (DGR…you’re too funny) suggested jokingly, “perhaps they should make a medication for him to reduce his urges and let his poor wife get some sleep.”  HA! What are your thoughts on this…and let’s keep it clean folks ; )