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Are you watching your soda intake?

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

drinking sodaThere has been an interesting debate in the media lately about New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to regulate the size of sugary soft drinks.  He says he is doing it for health reasons. Well, he is right that there is an enormous (all puns intended) portion of the population that is overweight in this country, and that’s a concern for everyone.

Obesity leads to significant health problems. Being overweight or obese during pregnancy can cause complications for you and your baby. The more overweight you are, the greater the chances for pregnancy complications. You can read about many of the problems (infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes…) here.

It’s important to get to a healthy weight before you conceive. This way you’re giving your baby the healthiest possible start. Before you have a baby, take the time to get fit, exercise and eat healthy.  Cutting out the empty calories that do you no good is a good idea. It will be interesting to watch what happens in New York. What do you think?

Tis the season to eat chocolate

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

hot-cocoaThe other night The Nutcracker ballet was on television. I settled down to watch it with a fluffy blanket, my tiny Chihuahua on my lap, and a cup of hot cocoa. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I hadn’t had a cup of hot cocoa in soooooo long. I savored every drop and enjoyed the peaceful, seasonal moment. Ahhhh….. bliss.

After the ballet, I went to bed….or so I thought. I was awake til about 1:30am! Could it have been the chocolate from my hot cocoa? And if it had this effect on me, is it ok for pregnant women to have chocolate?

Most people know that coffee and tea and many soft drinks contain caffeine. But, did you know that chocolate contains caffeine, too? The March of Dimes recommends that pregnant women (and women who are trying to become pregnant) limit the amount of caffeine that they eat or drink to 200 mg (milligrams) per day. Some studies suggest that larger amounts of caffeine may contribute to fertility problems or miscarriage. The source of the caffeine does not matter; the risk is the same for caffeine from coffee, tea, sodas and other foods and drinks, including chocolate.

Here are some examples of foods or drinks and their caffeine values:*

8 ounce cup of coffee                                95-200 mg
8 ounce cup black tea                                    14-61 mg
8 ounce cup green tea                                  24-40 mg
Sodas                                                                 0 to 55 mg
Energy drinks                                                47-207 mg
1.55 ounce Hershey’s milk chocolate bar    12 mg
9 Hershey kisses                                                      11 mg
8 ounce cup decaffeinated tea                      0-12 mg
8 ounce cup hot cocoa                                     3-13 mg

I am surprised to see how little caffeine is in a cup of hot chocolate…aren’t you? I doubt that my cup of hot cocoa is what kept me up that night. But, then again, I am really sensitive to foods and beverages – a little bit of something can have a big effect on me. I guess that despite the number of milligrams of caffeine in a food or beverage, you have to know yourself, and your own body, and do what is best for you.

Another important factor is to read labels and be mindful of serving sizes. In this age of “super sized” cups and portions, you may be getting way more caffeine in a serving than you ever imagined.

So, when you go to the Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s or other seasonal party, and you are surrounded by a spread of desserts and loads of chocolate, you will know how to select what to eat based on what you have eaten that day. You will also know what to eat depending on the time of day.

And, when you settle down to watch It’s A Wonderful Life with your cup of java or hot cocoa, you will be able to do so and not stay up half the night like me!

(*Values courtesy of Mayo Clinic, OTIS and Hershey websites.)

Does caffeine affect fertility?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

7236819_thbSmall amounts of caffeine probably don’t reduce a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. Most studies have found no effect on fertility when women consume less than 300 mg of caffeine a day. A few studies have found that women who consume more than 300 mg a day may be more likely to have trouble conceiving. But, again, this has not been proven. If you’re trying to get pregnant it’s better for your body if you drink water, milk and fruit juice. But, the occasional cappuccino is probably just fine. You might want to ask your doctor during your pre-pregnancy check-up what he/she thinks.

I’m in labor and I’m thirsty!!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

glass-of-water-2For years, health care providers have told thirsty women in labor, “Sorry. All you can have is ice chips.” But good news, change is on the way!

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recently announced that it is changing its guidelines. Women can now have small amounts of clear liquids during labor, if they wish. Examples of these liquids are water, fruit juice without pulp, sodas, clear tea, black coffee and sports drinks.

Women are still not allowed to have solid food. Why? If a woman needs a c-section and has anesthesia, the food could accidentally get into her lungs and cause a serious medical problem.