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10 ways Hubby can be a hero to his pregnant wife

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

heroYou might want to ask that wonderful spouse of yours if he would be willing to:

1 – Clean the toilet.  If you are doomed to hurl your meals into the porcelain throne for a couple of months, it helps a lot to have it clean.

2 – Honor your path to the potty (no shoes, clothes, magazines in the way) so you can make it there and back in the dark without tripping.

3 – Perfect the art of foot massage.  Need I say more?

4 – Clean and vacuum all the stuff from your car, making your transit tranquil.

5 – Keep the kitty litter tidy.  This is not only a kind thing to do, but it’s a safety precaution, too.  It keeps you away from exposure to a parasite that can give toxoplasmosis, an infection that might possibly harm a developing baby.

5 – Upload daily pregnancy tips to your cell phone via Twitter.

6 – Fold the laundry and put it away, leaving the bed clear for the ever needed nap.

7 – Take the new car seat to the police department to make sure it is installed properly.

8 – Cook or bring home dinner a couple of times a week.

9 – Compile a play list of relaxing music on your ipod.

10 – Promise you he won’t take it personally when you launch into a hellacious hormonal harangue.

Having touble finding time to chat with your spouse?

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

texting1You’re busy with the kids and work.  You’re schedule is chock full of things all day long from dropping the kids off at daycare to planning a fundraising event, picking up dry cleaning, meeting someone for a networking lunch, running a two hour business conference call or volunteering at the hospital, shopping for dinner, scheduling your child’s vaccinations…  Ever feel like your spouse is a stranger?

My kids have found a simple way to stay connected – they text each other throughout the day.  Simple things like, “I miss you,” “That joke last night was hilarious,” “Wanted to say I love you’re tie,” “What’s cookin’ good lookin’?”  It keeps them from feeling like two ships that pass in the night.  Does it help you?

How will the baby affect our relationship?

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

After the baby is born I wonder how long it will be until my husband and I go to a movie or out to dinner. How old will the baby be before I feel comfortable leaving him/her with a relative or babysitter for a night out. At the moment we can accept an invitation to get together with friends any night of the week. RSVP, “yes” to a wedding that’s an hour away or plan a vacation and pack one small suitcase.

It seems people like to ask how I’m sleeping lately. When I say, “just fine” the standard come-back is usually, “well enjoy it while you can.” Oh, zip-it! I know they’re right, but I hate hearing that. How will sleep deprivation affect my relationship with my husband and our ability to be patient or affectionate? I don’t know yet. I hear all the time that couples need to make time for each other. But realistically, especially in the beginning, is that possible?

Before I got pregnant, I thought about the emotional and lifestyle changes we’ll face as parents. We both decided that we were ready for this. Now that my due date is right around the corner it’s really setting in though. Our independence and free time will NEVER be what it once was. Are you having or thinking about having a baby? Do you worry about this stuff, too?

Sex during pregnancy

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Ways to recharge your personal battery!?! Nice post Lindsay and it got me thinking. We have a great article on our website that some of my fellow pregnant readers may wish to review. It’s important for expectant couples to recharge, too : ) Many women find that pregnancy makes them want sex more than they did before they became pregnant. For some women, newfound voluptuousness can play a role in making them feel sexier than ever. Woo hoo!