Thank goodness for nurses

nursesOur guest post today is from Mary Lavan, Associate Director of Nursing Education and Health Promotion at the March of Dimes.

It’s National Nurses Week and March of Dimes would like to thank all of the nurses who work so hard to improve the care of moms and babies.

It’s a special week to reflect on the critical work nurses do every day to help advance the mission of the March of Dimes. Nurses are the ones, afterall, who hold moms and babies in their hands. They are health care providers, educators, researchers, advisors and friends. Nurses educate women before they are pregnant about the importance of preconception care and taking folic acid. They provide safe care during labor and care for babies born too early.

Sometimes it’s an emergency room nurse who holds a pregnant woman’s hand during a preterm labor scare, or a pediatric nurse who screens a new mother for postpartum depression. Whatever the situation, nurses play an integral role in helping us get closer to achieving our mission: a day when every baby has a healthy start in life. For that, March of Dimes is forever grateful.

As a way of saying thank you for all that nurses do, March of Dimes developed an extensive continuing nursing education program to help nurses integrate the latest clinical and scientific advances into the care of their patients. March of Dimes is also proud to award several scholarships annually to nurses enrolled in graduate maternal-child health nursing programs.

For information about March of Dimes nursing program, visit or contact Mary Lavan at

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2 Responses to “Thank goodness for nurses”

  1. Kathy Aho Says:

    Thank goodness for the nurses 52 years ago in Havre Montana who saved a 3 month old preemie baby in the deep February winter. I was blue and fit in my father’s hand….My mom’s doctor signed my death certificate and WENT HOME for the night and those nurses saved me. My mother and Dad and I are soooo thankful for our nurses in that little Havre hospital! I am happy to report I am alive and well. 😀

  2. Kathy Aho Says:

    Should say I was 3 months premature, not 3 month gestation! LOL

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