Chat on flu and pregnancy

feverA friend of mine is very sick with the flu and has a fever of 105. Influenza (the flu) is no joke. It’s more than just a runny nose and sore throat. Instead, it can cause a person to be very sick. And for some people, it can be life-threatening. It can be especially harmful to pregnant women. Pregnant women are at high risk of having serious health problems from the flu, but the vaccine can protect both mother and baby from the flu and its possible consequences.

Flu is taking its toll in 2013. The CDC reports this year’s flu season is above “epidemic thresholds.” Join us on Twitter for a chat about flu and pregnancy, signs and symptoms, about the safety of the vaccine and when to contact your health care provider. Dr. Siobhan Dolan will be with us to answer any questions you may have.

Stop by at 1 PM ET on Friday, February 1st. Be sure to use #pregnancychat to join the conversation.

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