Nemo’s coming – are you ready?

nemoFor those of us who live on the eastern seaboard, winter storm Nemo is getting ready to slam us. My area is supposed to get 14-18” of snow in 24 hours. After the power outages and gas shortages with Hurricane Sandy, many of us are jumpy. Here are a few pointers for getting ready;

• Make sure you have gas in your car
• If you bought a generator after Sandy, make sure you have gas for it
• If you or the kids take medications, have enough on hand for several days
• Get your flashlights out and make sure your batteries are plentiful and charged
• Have enough baby food and diapers on hand for several days
• Got a fireplace? Keep some firewood in a dry place
• Wash your dishes and laundry now, while you still have power
• Keep emergency phone numbers handy, just in case
• Charge your cell phones and computers

You can check out our information on preparing for disaster for more tips.

Keep warm and safe! And won’t we have fun making snowmen later on!