Do you remove your shoes when coming indoors?

tying-shoes1Many people I know take off their shoes and leave them by the door when they enter their home. They teach their children to do the same. It keeps from tracking in all sorts of unwanted dirt, germs and other nasty things, and helps keep the house clean. I get it. But we and many people we know don’t do that in our homes. We wipe our feet on the mat before we come in and keep our shoes on. Unfortunately, this causes a bit of a problem for us when the troops come to visit.

Well trained family members, even the tiniest tot, shed their shoes on the rug in the front hall. My husband and I, being empty-nester grandparents for years, are somewhat set in our ways. (Imagine that!) We’re not used to finding anything in the front hall and one of these days we’re likely to take a swan dive over a sandal and land in a heap. Not quite as spry as we once were (hmmmm), there is the remote possibility of cracking our thin candy shells or enduring hip trauma. Ouch! This might also be true for some grandparents you know.

So here’s an idea for all of us – create a shoe shed, boot box, moccasin mat or clog corral to leave by the door for all to use. (This is going to be my weekend project.) This will help eliminate potential accidents. And on behalf of all grandparents who might not see as well as we used to without our glasses, we thank you.

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